New Orleans Millworks, LLC
  3315B Magazine St.
  New Orleans, LA 70115

New Orleans Millworks, LLC established itself as a shutter production facility in 2001. We’ve since built high quality & affordable interior and exterior shutters in a variety of styles including louvered (movable and fixed), paneled and board & batten. We also repair shutters in any condition.


Louvered Shutters                                                           Arched Shutters, Louvered Shutters w/ Dual Panels


Board and Batten Shutters                                              Opera House - Total Louvered Shutter Renovation


Sacred Heart - Arched, Louvered Shutters                    Front Door-style Louvered Shutters


Raised Panel Shutters                                                     Odyssey House Shutter Renovation


Bahama Style Shutters                                                    Louvered w/ Flat Panel Shutter Wall


Board and Batten close-up                                              Louvered Shutter Enclosure


Bahama Style Custom Shutter Application                    Bahama Style Louvered Shutters


Large Arched Louvered Shutters                                                    Louvered Shutters


Louvered Shutter Wall                                                     Arched Louvered Shutters