New Orleans Millworks, LLC
  3315B Magazine St.
  New Orleans, LA 70115

The front entrance is the statement of your home and New Orleans Millworks can make that statement a beautiful one. We make interior and exterior doors of any style...paneled or glass, curved or straight. We also make french doors, sidelights, cabinet doors, etc. Bring your plans and ideas and we will make them come to fruition.


Single Light, Raised Panel, Lipped Moulding                   Multi-Light, Double Leaf Doors, Fanlight Transom


Dual Moulded Flat Panels, Dual Arched Light                 8 Lights, Raised Panel, Lipped Moulding


Storefront Doors, Raised and Routed Panels                  Lipped Moulding Raised Panel and Sidelights


Custom Raised Panels With Moulding                             4 Light Arts and Crafts Style w/ 2 Panels


Complex Custom Doors with Applied Rosettes                              Close Up of Custom Door Panel


Dual Lights, Raised Panel w/ Lipped Moulding                Dual Lights and Panels w/ Arched Transom


6 Light Arts and Crafts Style w/ 3 panels                       Dual Raised Panels w/ Decorative Moulding


Entry Doors to Herman Grima House                               Arts and Crafts w/ Denticulated Cornice Shelf


3 Light Arts and Crafts Style                                           4 Raised and Routed Panels


Gun Stock Stiles w/ Inserted Sash and 8 Lights            Dual Raised and Routed Panels