New Orleans Millworks, LLC
  3315B Magazine St.
  New Orleans, LA


New Orleans Millworks, LLC is a locally owned and operated business established in the city prior to Hurricane Katrina in 2001. At New Orleans Millworks, we are dedicated to bringing back the history and spirit that has defined New Orleans as one of the greatest architectural treasures in the world

From a homeowner needing a few simple repairs to major contracting work, New Orleans Millworks takes on projects of all types. We pride ourselves on our cratsmanship as well as our customer service. When we say we will be there, we mean it. With our stable of skilled carpenters, we have excellent and unbeatable turn-around times. If you need a special custom made quickly piece that the rest of the work depends on, we'll have it ready for you. New Orleans is a difficult city to find that right company to get the job done. We coordinate all our projects with our customers and other vendors to ensure everything is done the right way.


New Orleans Millworks uses genuine Spanish Cedar for the majority of our projects. Spanish Cedar is the most popular wood for exterior work in the city due to it being a natural termite repellent and its longevity versus exterior conditions. At customers’ request, we will use woods such as genuine Honduran Mahogany, White Oak, Sinker Cypress, Heart Pine and Poplar.